Make yourself heard

This tool is meant for people residing in the Netherlands who do not speak or read Dutch (sufficiently). Because we believe it is crucial that everyone is able to respond to bills that affect him or her, we developed this tool to make it easier for you to voice your opinion on the most crucial parts of the bill and make yourself heard.

Recently, Minister of the Interior Ronald Plasterk published a bill for a new Intelligence and Security Services Act. He wants to empower the intelligence- and security services with the ability to fully monitor all our communication – whether it's our phone calls, email messages, messages in apps or website visits – in order to analyse our behaviour. This would be the most far-reaching power the Dutch intelligence- and security services have ever had. Bits of Freedom wants this power to be stripped from the bill, as intelligence- and security services should not be allowed to tap the communication of unsuspected people.

Everybody can respond to the bill via the internet consultation (closing date: 1 September 2015). What do you think? Please share your thoughts!

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Please pay attention: this tool does not work on iPhones/iPads in combination with Safari!